The power of partnership

Partners have played a vital role in shaping AllerGen’s research outcomes, and in translating and commercializing those discoveries to bridge the gap between the academic research lab and Canadians living with allergies and asthma

During its 15 years as an NCE, AllerGen partnered with 651 organizations and research receptor groups across sectors; averaging 137 partners annually and three partners per funded Network project.

Projects were funded conditional upon a networked approach and a mandate of equity, inclusion, diversity and excellence, resulting in a remarkable transdisciplinary collaborative spirit and the relentless quest for new knowledge benefitting Canadians affected by allergy, asthma and related immune disease.

Partners 2005-2020



The capacity to tackle new global health priorities

AllerGen’s 15-year commitment to networked, collaborative research across borders and disciplines has positioned its pan-Canadian teams to contribute to global efforts to address new and evolving health priorities across the entire span of immune/inflammatory disorders and responses.

In 2020-21 and beyond, AllerGen investigators are leveraging the network structure to mount rapid responses to address the COVID-19 pandemic. CHILD is conducting an important add-on study to measure the direct impacts of COVID-19 infection, as well as the indirect emotional and socioeconomic impacts of public health containment strategies on Canadian families.


Good governance as the bedrock of success 

The successful fulfillment of AllerGen’s NCE mandate and mission was enabled by the unflagging commitment of the volunteers who comprised AllerGen’s Board of Directors, Research Management Committee (RMC), and various Advisory Committees.

Dozens of highly qualified professionals dedicated hundreds of hours to ensuring the AllerGen network lived up the the highest standards of excellence in its scientific, capacity-building, knowledge translation, and administrative endeavours.